Women are Leaders in Environmental Change

Women’s disposable cartridge razors have been incorporated into beauty regimes for far too long. Brands are ever changing the appearance of such razors adding glittery handles, useless strips of gel and a constantly increasing number of blades. Disposable razors are just another women’s product with a hefty “pink tax” that we buy, use very briefly and dispose of, adding to the growing plastic waste in land fill and our oceans.

So, what is the alternative?

The Parker 29L Safety Razor is made for women, with a long handle and ‘butterfly opening razor head you will find shaving and changing blades simple and safe. Beautifully balanced, the Parker 29L will give a close, comfortable shave every time.

Shaving with a safety razor is also very cost effective. After the initial cost of the Parker 29L Safety Razor, blades are a fraction of the cost of cartridge razors. One pack of 100 double edge blades can cost as little as $15.00 and last more than a year for most users. Shaving with a safety razor can not only save you money, it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic disposable razors.

The Parker 29L Safety Razor is a plastic free razor, even the packaging is 100% compostable. Blades can be collected in a tin can or ‘blade bank’ and once filled simply dispose of the blades at your local scrap metal centre for recycling.

Ladies now is the time to make a change. Purchase you last new razor today and enjoy every shave with a Parker Safety Razor.