Soon to be available in Australia is the Parker's Adjustable Injector Razor. It is precision engineered to provide you with a smooth and irritation free shave. This single blade razor provides close and comfortable shaves with fewer ingrown hairs and razor bumps when compared to multi blade cartridge razors. This is because it cuts the hair directly at the surface. 

With Parker's adjustable design, it's easy to customise your shave by simply turning the knob on the top of the razor. For the mildest shave, adjust the safety bar to a setting 1 which has a minimal blade gap. For a moderately aggressive shave, adjust to a setting 5 for the maximum blade gap (or try somewhere in between).

*Comes loaded with one Injector Blade 

  • Razor type: Adjustable Injector Razor
  • Blade Type: Standard Injector Style Razor Blades - *loaded with one new blade
  • Weight: 1.24 oz./35g
  • Length: 4.96 in./126mm
  • Handle material: Stainless Steel & with Ridged Plastic Grip

Instructions for Loading the Blade:

  1. The blade case/holder is called the “Injector” and the sliding tab on top is called the “Blade Loader”. The part that goes into the razor to load the blade is called the “Stem” or “Insert Key”.
  2. Hold the razor by the handle with the head up with one hand and insert the “insert key” into the razor’s slot opening on the rear of the razor head with your other hand as far as it will go using mild force.
  3. Slide the blade loader forward all the way to insert a new blade into the razor. At the same time, this will push the old blade out of the razor.
  4. Pull out the injector from the razor after you have inserted the new blade.
  5. Discard the old blade in the used blade section on the bottom of the blade case.
  6. Make sure that the new blade is centered and resting against the two small blade stops. If it is not, the razor will not work properly.
  7. Start shaving with the adjustment knob at a lower setting, using a shallow angle with minimal pressure.
  8. Once you get the hang of it, start experimenting with dialing different settings (#1 is the mildest suitable for more sensitive skin & #5 is the most aggressive, providing the closest shave). Find the level of aggression that works best for you for the most comfortable shave.